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1964 Triumph 650 Twins Mudguards
1964 Triumph 650 Twins T120, TR6, 6T Mudguards
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Plate #Part NamePart #Qty FittedDescription
1Front Mudguard, 6T9716891Not available.
2Bolt82092945/16 x 1/2 CEI.
3Washer82429955/16 flat large OD. (4 for 6T)
4Bottom Stay, 6T9711001
5Bolt, 6T37006225/16 x 3/4 CEI.
6Washer, 6Ts25-223/8 flat.
7Spigot NutNS3621
8Front Mudguard, TR6/T1209716751Not available.
9Mudguard Mounting Bracket, 6T9715402
10Mudguard Bridge, 6T9715382Not available.
11Bolt, 6T82500151/4 x 5/8 CEI. Not available.
12Front Stay, TR6/T1209716811Black.
13Mudguard Bracket, TR6/T1209716852Front.
14Muduard Stay, TR6/T1209716831Centre, black.
15Fibre Washer, TR6/T120WE17021/4.
16BoltDS57101/4 CEI x 7/16.
17WasherS25-151/4 thick flat. (6 for 6T)
18Nut820879101/4 CEI. (17 for 6T)
19Nut, TR6/T12057022425/16 CEI thin.
20Bolt, TR6/T120DS5525/16 CEI x 5/8.
21Bottom Stay, TR6/T1209714821Not available.
22Pivot Bolt, TR6/T1209704242
23Washer, TR6/T120S25-7127/16 flat.
24NutS1-5145/16 CEI. (3 for 6T)
25Front Number Plate, 6T8226981Not available.
26Beading, 6T9702511
27Wedge, 6T8243321
28Spring WasherS26-241/4. (10 for 6T)
29Front Number Plate, TR6/T1208229961
30Clamp Assembly, TR6/T1209707412
31Screw, TR6/T12097068722BA roundhead.
32Nut, TR6/T12097074522BA thin.
33Rear Mudguard, 6T8259561Not available.
33Rear Mudguard, TR6/T1208259841
34Mudguard Bridge8248601Not available.
35Washer82429915/16 flat large OD.
36Rear Mudguard Bracket8254241
38Backing Plate8260311
39Spring WasherS26-355/16. (7 for 6T)
41Inflator Bracket8254151
42Bolt97059035/16 CEI x 9/16.
43Rear Number Plate, UK8259241
43Rear Number Plate, USA8233631Not available.