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1964 Triumph 650 Twins Oil Pump, Release Valve, Manifold
1964 Triumph 650 Twins T120, TR6, 6T Oil Pump, Release Valve, Manifold
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Plate #Part NamePart #Qty FittedDescription
1Oil Pump7094211With large bore for increased capacity.
2Oil Pump Body7037311Not available separately.
3Oil Pump Feed PlungerGS1531Not available separately.
4Oil Pump Scavenge Plunger7014761Not available separately.
5Oil Pump Drive Block7004951
6Oil Pump Valve Ball60236327/32".
7Oil Pump Valve Spring70040322 valve.
8Oil Pump Screwed Plug7023602
9Oil Pump Gasket7037301
10Oil Pump Stud70371821/4" CEI x 1-5/16" long.
11Oil Pump Stud Washer7038872Serrated.
12Oil Pump Nut7037322CEI thread.
13Oil Release Valve and Indicator7134471
14Oil Release Valve Body7027941Not available.
15Oil Release Valve Piston7087521
16Oil Release Valve Cap7041921Not available.
17Oil Release Valve Sealing O-Ring7041931Not available.
18Oil Release Valve O-Ring Cup7041941Not available.
19Oil Release Valve Washer7087541Fibre.
20Oil Release Valve Main Spring7027881
21Oil Release Valve Auxiliary Spring7027891Not available.
22Button and Shaft7027911
23Oil Release Valve Rubber7027931
24Oil Release Shaft Nut7027921
25Oil Release Valve Washer7016701Fibre.
26Inlet Manifold Stud70297341/4" UNC/CEI x 2" long. (TR6 and 6T only)
27Inlet Manifold Gasket7056602(TR6 and 6T only)
28Inlet Manifold7055121(TR6 and 6T only)
29Washer60424841/4" plain, small OD, flat. (TR6 and 6T only)
30Manifold Nut37010341/4" CEI, small hex. (TR6 and 6T only)
31Inlet Manifold Stud70296225/16" x 1-1/4". (TR6 and 6T only)
32Carburettor Flange Gasket7114161(TR6 and 6T only)
33Carburettor Insulating Block70296811-1/16". (TR6 and 6T only)
34Washer60233025/16" flat, light. (TR6 and 6T only)
35Nut21000125/16" CEI.