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1964 Triumph 650 Twins Panels & Seat
1964 Triumph 650 Twins T120, TR6, 6T Panels & Seat
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Plate #Part NamePart #Qty FittedDescription
1Left Side Panel, 6T8253191Not available.
2Right Side Panel, 6T8253201Not available.
3Left Beading, 6T8361041Not available.
4Right Beading, 6T8361051Not available.
5Left Valance, 6T8353231Not available.
6Right Valance, 6T8353241Not available.
7Motif "Thunderbird", 6T8361952Not available.
8Spire Nut, 6T8343174Not available.
9Rubber Pad, 6T8355382Not available.
10Washer, 6TS25-223/8" flat.
11Nut, 6TS1-5223/8" CEI.
12Screw, 6T8347152Not available.
13Self Locking Nut, 6T8347172Not available.
14Spacer, 6T8326943Not available.
15Washer, 6TGS30843/8 flat, small OD.
16Domed Nut, 6T70143543/8 CEI.
17Switch Panel, TR6/T1208353941Not available.
18Bolt, TR6/T1208313691Not available.
19Fixing Bracket, TR6/T1208359391Not available.
20Link, TR6/T1208359231Not available.
21Bolt, TR6/T1208317561Not available.
22Spring Washer, TR6/T120s26-221/4.
23Nut, TR6/T12082087921/4 CEI.
24Washer, TR6/T120S25-4311/4.
25Grommet, TR6/T12082546625/16 x 7/16.
26Self Locking Nut, TR6/T12070329011/4 BSF/CEI.
27Twin Seat8253661Grey top.
28Twin Seat Cover8254181Not available.
29Twin Seat Cover Clip824475AR
30Rubber Seat Buffer8248982
31Seat Hinge8242222
32BoltDS5741/4 x 7/16 CEI.
33Spring WasherS26-221/4.
34Seat Check Wire6003741
35Self Tapping Screw8244831Not available.
36-40Seat Knob Assembly824227A1Chrome.
36Seat Catch Plunger8242261Not available separately.
37Seat Plunger Spring8242281Not available separately.
38Seat Catch Washer71374915/16 flat.
39Split Pin60272013/32 x 1/2.
40Seat Knob8242271Not available separately.
41Safety Strap824361ARNot available.
42Self Tapping Screw8243654Not available.