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1964 Triumph 650 Twins Quickly Detachable Rear Wheel
1964 Triumph 650 Twins T120, TR6, 6T Rear Wheel
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Plate #Part NamePart #Qty FittedDescription
1QD Rear Wheel Complete3713101Not available.
2QD Rear Wheel Rim, Spokes & Hub3710991Not available.
3Rear Wheel Rim SS, TR63710071WM3-18, stainless steel.
3Rear Wheel Rim SS, TR6 (Devon)3710071WM3-18, stainless steel. Made in UK.
3Rear Wheel Rim Chrome, TR63710071WM3-18, chrome.
3Rear Wheel Rim Chrome, TR6 (Devon)3710071WM3-18, chrome. Made in UK.
4Rear Wheel Spoke, DS371107208/10 gauge x 7-9/16", 90 degrees. Please contact us.
5Rear Wheel Spoke, TS371108208/10 gauge x 7-7/8", 90 degrees. Please contact us.
6Spoke Nipple3742004010 gauge x 300 nickle/brass. Please contact us.
4-6Spokes & Nipples Set-1
4-6Spokes & Nipples Set (Devon)-1Made in UK.
7QD Rear Wheel Hub3711001Not available.
8Backing Ring3710332
9Taper Roller Bearing3710342Not sold separately.
9/20QD Wheel Bearing Kit-1Contains 3 bearings.
10Grease Retainer3714802Not available.
11Bearing Dust Cap3710351
12Felt Washer3710361
13Distance Piece3710371Not available.
14Bearing Dust Cap3710381
15Bearing Sleeve3710391
16Bearing Adjuster Nut7003982
17Rubber Sealing Ring3710911
18Sprocket & Brake Drum371040146 teeth.
19Grease Retainer3711431
20Bearing3710411Not sold separately.
21Felt Washer3710421
22Bearing & Felt Retainer3710431Not available.
24Dummy Spindle3710451
25Brake Anchor Plate3711211Not available.
26/27Brake Shoes, Pair371406/717" bolt on.
28Brake Shoe Lining9900012Not available.
29Brake Shoe Brass Rivet37012916Not available.
30Brake Shoe Pivot Pad3714152
31Brake Shoe Return Spring3701352
32Rear Brake Cam3735921
33Rear Brake Arm3714871Not available.
34Nut60426123/8" CEI.
35Rear Brake Arm Return Spring3714881
36Axle Nut37105217/8" x 20 TPI.
37Inner Spacer3710531Not available.
38Outer Spacer3711701Right hand.
40Chain Adjuster QD3711352
41Chain Adjuster End Plate3710152
42Self Locking Nut37105825/16" CEI.
43Tyre Security Bolt3734682WM3 rim, 2.15mm.