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1964 Triumph 650 Twins Speedometer, Tachometer, Tail Light
1964 Triumph 650 Twins T120, TR6, 6T speedo, tacho, tail light
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Plate #Part NamePart #Qty FittedDescription
1Speedometer Head KPH, 6TSSM5002/011Not available.
1Speedometer Head MPH, TR6/T120SSM5001/001Not available.
1Speedometer Head KPH, TR6/T120SSM5001/011Not available.
-Speedometer Head KPH, Grey Face9901591With bulbholder.
2Bulbholder5547341Not available.
3Bulb, 6T (Lucas)98716V 2W BA7S.
3Bulb, TR6/T120 (Lucas)99016V 2W BA7S.
4Trip Control, 6T41-118-127-721Not available.
5Rubber Ring, 6T31-753-7781Not available.
6Fixing Strap, 6T31-674-188-011Not available.
7Washer, 6T30-283-014-112Not available.
8Nut, 6T30-277-023-112Not available.
9Trip Control, TR6/T12041-148-203-101Not available.
10Spacer, TR6/T1209717022
11Sleeve Nut, TR6/T1209717012
12Bracket, TR6/T1209716681
13Bolt, TR6/T120DS5721/4 x 7/8 CEI.
14Spring Washer, TR6/T120S26-221/4.
15Speedometer Cable600543140-1/2" long.
16Cable Bracket, 6T9716981Not available.
18Bolt70416515/16 CEI x 1-3/4.
19NutS1-5115/16 CEI.
20Stop & Tail Light (Lucas)534541Genuine Lucas 564.
20Stop & Tail Light534541Replica Lucas 564.
21Tail Light Lens (Lucas)5738391Genuine Lucas.
21Tail Light Lens5738391Replica Lucas.
22Tail Light Window5752001Not available separately.
23Lens Seating Gasket5752081Not available separately.
24Lens Screw (Lucas)5752192Pack of 2.
25Base Assembly5760021Not available separately.
26Bulbholder5752091Not available separately.
27Grommet5752071Not available separately.
28Contact Assembly5738281Not available separately.
29Grommet5738251Not available separately.
30Bulb38416/18W, offset pin, 6 volt.
31Stop & Tail Light Lead8386041Not available.
32Adaptor, TR6/T1207046991
33Fibre Washer, TR6/T1205712571
34Spade, TR6/T1209901731
35Circlip, TR6/T1206004941
36O-Ring, TR6/T1207048031
37Tachometer Cable, TR6/T120600529134-1/2" long.
38Tachometer, TR6/T120RSM 3001/021Not available.
39Mounting Bracket, TR6/T1209715961
40Metalastik Bush, TR6/T1209710872
41Washer, TR6/T12060425643/16 serrated.
42Nut, TR6/T12082917342BA.
43Bolt, TR6/T12097108621/4 BSF x 1-3/16