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1964 Triumph 650 Twins Swinging Arm & Suspension Units
1964 Triumph 650 Twins T120, TR6, 6T Swinging Arm & Suspension Units
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Plate #Part NamePart #Qty FittedDescription
1Swinging Arm8253021Not available.
2Swinging Arm Pivot Bush8260422
3Grease Nipple60184111/4" BSF.
4Grease Nipple WasherWE17011/4" fibre.
5Swinging Arm Bobbin8268212
6Swinging Arm Spacer Tube8253131
7Swinging Arm Thrust Washer8253112
8Swinging Arm Pivot Bolt82615015/8" CEI.
9Swinging Arm Lock Tab8259441
10Swinging Arm Pivot Bolt NutNT2971CEI.
11Brake Torque Stay8237741
12Bolt82531517/16" CEI x 7/8" long.
13Spring Washer60425127/16".
14NutDS4727/16" CEI half nut.
15Shock Absorbers, Unshrouded602024212.4" with open chrome springs.
15Shock Absorbers, Shrouded602024S212.4" fully shrouded.
16Shock Absorber Eye Bush99012243/8".
17Spring Retainer9901074Not available separately.
18Shock Absorber Top Cover9054/1512
19Shock Absorber Bottom Cover9054/472
20Shock Absorber Spring, 145 lbs9910472Not available.
20Shock Absorber Spring, 100 lbs9910482Not available.
21Shock Absorber Bolt70211343/8" CEI x 2" long. (3 for 6T)
22WasherS25-223/8" flat.
23Spring WasherS26-123/8".
24Washer70877023/8" flat. (Not for 6T.)
25NutP0172A43/8" CEI. (2 for 6T)
27Chainguard Grommet8255361
28Chainguard Pivot Bolt8241351
29Spring Washer82227711/4".
30Washer60424821/4" plain.
31Nut70526911/4" CEI.
32Chainguard Stepped Bolt8241361CEI.
34NutS1-5115/16" CEI.
35Chainguard Clip8238081Not available.
36Spacer8257411Not available.
37Bolt70387211/4" CEI x 1-1/2" long
38Spring Washer60425011/4".
39Brake Operating Rod82359711/4" CEI x 21-1/2" long
40Split Pin-11/16" x 3/8".
41Brake Rod Pivot Pin3700111
42Brake Rod Adjuster Nut82458511/4" CEI.
43Stop Light Switch314371Slide type.
44Bolt57107632BA x 3/8" long.
45Self Locking Nut82471732BA.
46Brake Light Switch Clip8254121
47Stop Light Switch 'D' Washer8254131
48Stop Light Switch Spring8231581
49Bolt82572913/8" CEI x 2-1/4", small head. (6T only) Not available.