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1964 Triumph 650 Twins Telescopic Front Fork, 6T
1964 Triumph 650 Twins T120, TR6, 6T Telescopic Front Fork 6T
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Plate #Part NamePart #Qty FittedDescription
1Fork Assembly9717271Not available.
2Fork Middle Lug & Stem9715771
3Fork Bottom Cone9704391
4Fork Pinch Bolt97394123/8" x 2-1/4" long. Not available.
6Nut70241223/8" CEI small hex.
7Fork Stem Sleeve Nut9711411
8Fork Top Lug Assembly9715281Not available.
9Handlebar Mounting Bush9715272
10Handlebar Mount Eyebolt9715232CEI.
11Handlebar Spacer Washer8213352
12Handlebar Clamp Bolt97134025/16" BSF x 1-1/8" long.
14Handlebar Mounting Washer9715292Hemispherical domed washer.
15Self Locking Nut82395525/16" CEI.
16/17Pinch Bolt & Seated Nut821760K13/8" CEI x 1-3/4" bolt and 3/8" CEI seated nut.
18Nacelle Cover LH9712901
19Nacelle Cover RH9712911
20Front Fork Felt Washer9717562
21Front Fork Spring Washer9717452
22Fork Upper Cover Tube9716612Not available.
23Fork Main Spring9718912
24Fork Spring Washer9716562
25Fork Oil Seal Holder9716542
26Fork Oil Seals, Pair9715001
27Fork Oil Seal Retaining Washer9704312Lower washer.
28Fork Top Bush9704412
29Damping Sleeve9716532Not available.
30Fork Stanchion9718892
31Fork Bottom Bush9704432
32Fork Bush Retainer Nut9710582
33Fork Stanchion Top Nut9716582CEI.
34Fork Drain Plug9705192
35Fork Leg, LH9716501Not available.
36Fork Leg, RH9716511Not available.
37Spindle Cap9710532
38Spring WasherS26-315/16".
39Fork Axle Cap Bolt97107045/16" CEI x 1-1/2" long.
40Fork Drain Plug9710712
41Fork Drain Plug Washer97043043/16" fibre.
42Front Forks Restrictor9714992
43Fork Restrictor Bolt97106325/16".
44Fork Restrictor Bolt Washer9710622
45Fork Steering Damper Knob9711421Not available.
46Steering Damper Rod Washer9705651
47Steering Damper Rod Nut9704081
48Steering Damper Locating Pin9712861
49Steering Damper Spring Plate9700951Outer diameter 2-1/2".
50Steering Damper Plate9704131
51Steering Damper Friction Disc9704351
52Steering Damper Rod Bush9716181