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1964 Triumph 650 Twins Timing Cover, Contact Breaker & Coils
1964 Triumph 650 Twins T120, TR6, 6T Timing Cover, Contact Breaker & Coils
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Plate #Part NamePart #Qty FittedDescription
1Timing Cover7045671Not available.
2Timing Cover Patent Plate7040161Triangular name plate.
3Patent Plate Hammer Drive Screw6042553
4Oil Seal7045682
-Oil Seal Kit703876KAR
5Timing Cover Seal Circlip7045691
6Timing Cover Plug7024151Not available.
7Washer70133513/8" copper.
8Hollow Dowel5709892
9Cover Screw70366831/4" CEI x 1-5/16" long.
10Cover Screw70320451/4" CEI x 1" long.
-Allen Screw Kit-ARStainless steel, BSF threads.
11Contact Breaker Assembly476051Type 4CA. Not available
12Condenser (Lucas)4253772
13Contact Breaker Cam544417291Not available.
14Contact Breaker Spring Set9907571
15Weight4253792Not available.
16Sleeve and Action Plate544157511Not available.
17Base Plate4253701Not available.
18Slotted Nut1691944Not available.
19Points Set (Lucas)544158032
-Ignition Kit (Boyer)KIT52AR12 volt, designed to work with standard coils.
-Micro-Digital Ignition Kit (Boyer)KIT81AR12 volt, designed to work with standard coils.
20Auto Advance Unit Bolt70545111/4" CEI x 2" long.
21Points Bolt Washer70816311/4" flat.
22Points Lead Grommet7047071Rubber.
23Points Pillar Boltc2
24Pillar Bolt Washer70235121/8" flat.
25Points Cover7087371
26Points Cover Gasket7114621
27Points Cover Washer60425623/16" shakeproof.
28Points Cover Screw8247152Slotted cheesehead, 2BA CEI x 1/2".
29Ignition Coil (Lucas)47276212 volt.
29Ignition Coil, 6 Volt (Lucas)4727526 volt.
-Ignition Coil Clamp706389AR Includes 2 bolts, washers and nuts.
30Lucar Terminal541901084Not sold separately.
31Washer7023514Not sold separately.
32Serrated Washer1883304Not sold separately.
33Nut8237994Not sold separately.
34Rubber Grommet4215542Not sold separately.
35Cable Clip4218632Not sold separately.
36Screw1001042Not sold separately.
37Square Nut1691602Not sold separately.
38"D" Washer4223694Not sold separately.
39Lucar Connector549420784Not sold separately.
40Insulating Cover541900424Not sold separately.
41Bolt8247442Not sold separately.
42Rubber Grommet8254662Not sold separately.
43Coil Mount Spacer8243664Not sold separately.
44Self Locking Nut7032902Not sold separately.
45Spark PlugN4C2Champion N4C.
46Plug Cover and Suppressor6002972NGK, plastic 5K resistance, right angle.
46Plug Cover600262ARRubber, waterproof type, no resistor.