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1969 Triumph 650 Cylinder Block and Head, T120R
1969 Triumph T120R Cylinder Block and Head
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Plate #Part NamePart #Qty FittedDescription
1Cylinder Base Gasket7063091
2Cylinder Block7063041
3Cylinder Base Nut2106928
4Push Rod7026204
5Cover Tube7093492
6Rubber Washer7073104
7Cylinder Head Gasket7045771
8Cylinder Head7094181Complete with guides.
9Sleeve7053472For head bolts passing through inlet tracts.
10Inlet Valve Guide7038272
11Exhaust Valve Guide7038282
12Carburettor Adaptor, Left7095501
13Carburettor Adaptor, Right7095511
15Balance Pipe7047921
16Adaptor Locking Nut7046082
17Exhaust Pipe Adaptor7095162
18Inlet Valve7046032
19Exhaust Valve7029042
20Bottom Cup7064394
21Inner Valve Spring7042214Red spot.
22Outer Valve Spring7074004
23Top Collar7015434
24Split CotterWE259A8
25Cylinder Head Bolt70032743/8″ CEI x 3-5/16″ long.
26Plain Washer82218483/8" x 3/4" HT.
27Bolt70477115/16″ CEI x 3″ long.
28Plain WasherS25-315/16" x 3/4" thick HT.
29Sealing Ring7032532
30Inlet Rocker Box7045501
31Exhaust Rocker Box7045511
32Joint Washer7093482
33Rocker Box Stud70298061/4″ CEI x 15/16″ long.
34Nut82087961/4" CEI.
35Plain Washer70330261/4" x 5/8".
36Rocker Box Bolt21187541/4″ UNC x 2″ long.
37Plain WasherS25-1341/4" x 1/2".
38Cylinder Head Bolt7015964For torque stay, 3/8″ CEI x 6-25/64″ long.
39Inspection Cap7046104
40Joint Washer7037514
41Locking Spring7046094
42Fibre WasherWE17041/4"
43Screw57155341/4" CEI x 3/8" long.
44Rocker, Right Exhaust, Left Inlet7014572
45Rocker, Left Exhaust, Right Inlet7014582
46Rocker Ball Pin7100704
47Rocker Adjusting Pin7015134
48Adjuster Lock Nut7004704
49Thrust Washer70133023/8"
50Thrust Washer70157561/2"
51Spring Washer7015744
52Rocker Spindle7015122