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1969 Triumph 650 Oil Pump, Release Valve, Manifold and Tappets
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Plate #Part NamePart #Qty FittedDescription
1Oil Pump7069281
2Oil Pump BodyReference only1
3Oil Pump Feed PlungerGS1531
4Oil Pump Scavenge Plunger7066811
5Oil Pump Drive Block7004951
6Oil Pump Valve BallS70-727/32"
7Oil Pump Valve Spring7004032
8Oil Pump Screwed Plug7023602
9Joint Washer7037301
10Oil Pump Stud21186421/4" UNF/UNC x 1-3/8" long.
11Serrated Washer7038872
13Oil Release Valve7065951
14Oil Release Valve Body7075901
15Oil Release Valve PistonGS2511
16Oil Release Valve Cap7065961
17Oil Release Valve Fibre WasherGS2541
18Oil Release Valve Main Spring7075911
19Fibre Washer7016701
20Stud21187641/4″ UNC/UNF x 2″ long.
21Joint Washer (TR6)7056612
22Inlet Manifold (TR6)7055121
23Plain Washer (TR6)S25-134
24Nut (TR6)21187741/4" UNF.
25Stud (TR6)70296225/16″ Whitworth/CEI x 1-1/4" long.
26Joint Washer (TR6)NA43A1
27Insulating Block (TR6)7049181
28Plain Washer (TR60S25-32
29Nut (TR6)70131025/16" CEI.
30Inlet Tappet Guide7093521
31Exhaust Tappet Guide7093531
32Serrated Washser70161221/4"
33Set Bolt9702002
34Inlet Tappet703059R2
35Exhaust Tappet7088012