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1969 Triumph 650 Timing Cover and Contact Breaker
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Plate #Part NamePart #Qty FittedDescription
1Timing Cover7092461
2Patent Plate7040161
3Hammer Drive ScrewD208-53
4Oil Seal7045682
4Oil Seal7063871For reground crankshaft, 0.020" undersize.
6Hollow Dowel5709891
7Screw14660931/4" UNC x 1-1/4" long.
8Screw14660851/4" UNC x 1" long.
9Bolt70882811/4" CEI x 2-1/2" long.
10Plain WasherS25-4311/4" x 5/8".
11Rubber Grommet7047071
12Pillar Bolt7076802
13Plain Washer70655922BA
15Joint Washer7050491
16Serrated WasherGS29923/16"
17Screw70735422BA x 1/2" long.
18Auto Advance Unit9907711
19Spring Set9907571
20Contact Breaker Plate Assembly9907681
21Contact Set9907722
22Adjustment Pin9907692
-Dowel Pin704849-For auto advance. Not illustrated.
23Oil Pressure Switch6021331
24Cover Pressure Switch6020451
-Timing Label602138-For contract breaker cover. Not illustrated.