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1973 Triumph 750 Control Cables
1973 Triumph 750 Control Cables
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Plate #Part NamePart #Qty FittedDescription
1Throttle Cable (T140V)601819243"
1Throttle Cable (TR7RV)6018061
2Clutch Cable603925151"
3Choke Cable (TR7RV)6041941
4Choke Cable (T140V)6041261
5Choke Cable604127110", lever to junction box.
6Junction Box244/1041
7Choke Cable60412826", junction box to carburettor.
8Twin Rotor Twistgrip (T140V)313/131
9Twistgrip Screw18/084-
10Twistgrip Body, Top Half313/020-
11Twistgrip Body, Bottom Half313/021-
12Twistgrip Body Friction Spring16/008-
13Twistgrip Body Screw210/007-
14Twistgrip Body Nut5/077-
15Twistgrip Rotor313/004-
16Twistgrip Rotor Stop Screw210/008-
17Twistgrip Rotor Stop Screw Nut5/077-
19Cable Clip6007772
20Cable Clip60425815
21Handlebar Clip9741124