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1973 Triumph 750 Headlight & Indicators
1973 Triumph 750 Headlight & Indicators
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Plate #Part NamePart #Qty FittedDescription
1Headlight Complete605121
2Headlight Rim5532481
3Beam Unit51680117" BPF.
4Headlight Fixing Wire5046656
5Headlight Screw144921-
6Headlight Plate534296-
7Main Bulb370112V BPF.
8Bulb Holder554602-
9Pilot Bulb9891
10Pilot Bulb Holder545735901
11Warning Light, Red543634541
12Warning Light, Green54364551
13Warning Light, Amber543634531
14Sealing Washer541403313
15Light Switch344191
16Warning Light Shield54525212-
17Warning Light Bulb2813
18Headlight Fixing Screw5411510627/16" UNF.
19Headlight Fixing Washer14308627/16" flat.
-Wiring Harness549615931
20Ignition Switch318991
22Ignition Lock & Key8269811
24Ignition Switch Cover9722621
25Indicator Light Assembly (Lucas)561474Short, genuine Lucas.
25Indicator Light Assembly561474Short, pattern.
26Indicator Light Lens (Lucas)545816384Genuine Lucas.
26Indicator Light Lens545816384Pattern.
29Interior Assembly573832-
30Indicator Light Bulb3824
32Indicator Light Stanchion606000924
33Battery Carrier8333251
34Battery Carrier Tray8280911
35Retaining Strap8293531
37Protective Strip8273804
38Shoulder Screw8325083Battery carrier mounting.
39Rubber Bush8260393Battery carrier mounting.
40Nut1413011Battery carrier mounting.