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1973 Triumph 750 Twins Frame
1973 Triumph 750 Twins Frame
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Plate #Part NamePart #Qty FittedDescription
1Frame8347531Not available.
2Oil Filler Cap7134631
4Oil Filter8347831
5Sump Plate7133161
7Washer6023304Sump plate to frame. 5/16"
8Stud2120254Sump plate to frame.
9Nut1413024Sump plate to frame. Nyloc 5/16" UNF.
10Drain Plug8253431
11Joint Washer7013351
12Oil Junction Block7134781
13Joint Washer7137541
14Nut2119081Junction block to crankcase.
15Washer7034461Junction block to crankcase. 5/16"
16Rocker Oil Pipe7135501
17Washer70133543/8" copper.
18Nut21055023/8" domed.
19Rocker Feed Pipe7135511
20Rocker Feed Pipe Clip7068482
21Oil Return Pipe7123451
22Return Pipe Clip7068482
23Feed Pipe Clip8290732
24Oil Feed Pipe7134501
25Oil Vent Pipe7123491
26Crankcase Breather Pipe, Front7111491
27Crankcase Breather Pipe, Rear8348131
29Breather Pipe Clip, Front6022532
30Breather Pipe Clip, Rear6022521
31Clip8316154Breather pipe to mudguard.
32Screw97389443/16" UNF x 1/4".
34Centre Stand8346151
36Pivot Bolt2120772
37Nut14130427/16" UNF nyloc.
38Side Stand8315601
40Nut14130313/8" UNF nyloc.
-Transfer "Made in England"6033611
-Side Stand Stop Bolt14011415/8" UNF x 3/4".
-Side Stand Stop Nut14040215/16" UNF.