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1973 Triumph 750 Twins Front Wheel
1973 Triumph 750 Twins Front Wheel
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Plate #Part NamePart #Qty FittedDescription
1Front Wheel Complete3741411Not available.
2Rim, Spokes & Hub Assembly3741431Not available.
3Wheel Rim3741291Chrome.
3Wheel Rim3741291Stainless steel.
4Hub, LH Half3741261
5Hub, RH Half3741271
6Spoke, Outer37413120Not sold separately.
7Spoke, Inner37413020Not sold separately.
8Spoke Nipple37229440Not sold separately.
6-8Spoke Set--1
9Locknut LH3741331
10Lock Ring LH3741341
11Bearing LH5710701
12Grease Retainer LH3741351
13Dust Cover RH3712572
14Bearing RH3706531
15Circlip RH5702801
18Bolt2122074Disc to hub.
19Washer60232243/8", disc to hub.
20Nut1413034Nyloc 3/8 UNF, disc to hub.
-Balance Weight-AR10g.
21Balance Weight373969AR15g.
-Balance Weight-AR20g.
22Balance Weight373970AR25g