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1973 Triumph 750 Twins Gearbox Outer Cover
1973 Triumph 750 Twins Gearbox Outer Cover
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Plate #Part NamePart #Qty FittedDescription
1Gearbox Outer Cover5737601
2Kickstarter Spindle Bush5700231
3Gearchange Spindle Bush5700571
4Kickstarter Spring Anchor Pin5700471
5Guide Plate Stud2105474
6Oil seal5719561
7Oil Seal Housing5719551
8Gearchange Quadrant5704371
9Rubber O-ring6035301
10Quadrant Return Spring5704042
11Gearchange Quadrant Plunger5704062
12Plunger Spring5704052
13Guide Plate5704071
14Serrated Washer70161241/4"
15Nut14030141/4" UNF.
16Kickstarter Quadrant5741171
17Kickstarter Return Spring5700311
18Kickstarter Axle5700241
19Clutch Lever Assembly5745871
20Clutch Lever5745881
21Clutch Lever Shaft5717101
22Ball60236833/8" diameter.
23Thrust Plate5745891
24Return Spring5717121
25Plain Washer57367311/4"
26Split Pin--5/64" x 1/2".
27Countersunk Screw2118792
28Rubber Cover5716461
29Cable Abutment5737621For clutch cable.
30Plain Washer6042472
35Gearchange Pedal5737571
36Bolt14020111/4" UNF x 1".
37Pedal Rubber5724501
38Folding Kickstarter5736321
39Kickstarter Lever5721731
40Kickstarter Pedal5712721
41Kickstarter Pedal Locating Spring5711671
42Steel Ball60236411/4" diameter.
43Kickstarter Pedal Bolt2105411
44Kickstarter Pedal Rubber5723301
45Cotter Pin5743561Complete with nut & washer.
46Domed Nut2105441
47Filler Plug5721661