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1973 Triumph 750 Twins Manifold & Tappets
1973 Triumph 750 Twins Manifold & Tappets
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Plate #Part NamePart #Qty FittedDescription
1Inlet Manifold (TR7)7135561Single carburettor.
2Joint Washer (TR7)7056602
3Stud (TR7)2118764Manifold to head. 1/4" UNC/UNF x 2".
4Washer (TR7)6042484Manifold to head. 1/4"
5Nut (TR7)2118774Manifold to head. 1/4" UNF small head.
6Stud (TR7)2119962Carburettor to manifold.
7Insulating Ring (TR7)7095542Carburettor to manifold.
8Cup (TR7)7095552Carburettor to manifold.
9Nut (TR7)1413012Carburettor to manifold. 1/4" UNF nyloc.
10Inlet manifold LH (T140)7133391
11Inlet manifold RH (T140)7133381
12Stud (T140)7128134Carb to manifold & head. Stepped.
13Joint Washer (T140)7135733Carb to manifold & head.
14Insulating Ring (T140)7095544Carb to manifold & head.
15Cup (T140)7095554Carb to manifold & head.
16Nut (T140)1413014Carb to manifold & head. 1/4" UNF nyloc.
17Connector (T140)7133132
18Connector Pipe (T140)7135771
19Choke Lever Bracket (T140)8348981
20Screw (T140)2119031
21Inlet Tappet Guide Block7093521
22Exhaust Tappet Guide Block7093521
24Set Bolt9702002
25Washer70244121/4" copper.
26Inlet Tappet7030592
27Exhaust Tappet7088012