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1973 Triumph 750 Twins Rear Wheel
1973 Triumph 750 Twins Rear Wheel
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Plate #Part NamePart #Qty FittedDescription
1Rear Wheel Complete3739681
2Rim, Spokes & Hub Assembly3741821
3Rim3737841WM3 x 18
4Spoke, Inner LH37372410
5Spoke, Outer LH37372510
6Spoke, RH37372620
4-7Spoke & Nipple Set--1
8Hub & Drum Brake3741791
9Tyre Security Bolt3734682
10Support Ring LH3737491
11Wheel Bearing3706532
12Locking Ring LH3741811
15Grease Retainer RH3716541
16Sprocket373747147 teeth.
17Bolt1402075Sprocket to hub, 1/4" UNF x 2".
18Washer6023205Sprocket to hub, 1/4".
19Nut1413015Sprocket to hub, 1/4" UNF nyloc.
20Brake Anchor Plate3738561
21Brake Cam3738721
22Brake Lever3740341
23Nut1413031Nyloc 3/8" UNF.
25Brake Pivot3738701
26Nut1403051Brake pivot to torque arm, 1/2" UNF.
27Washer6024311Brake pivot to torque arm, 1/2" spring.
28Brake Shoe Complete, Leading3739251
29Brake Shoe Complete, Trailing3739261
30Return Spring, Brake Shoe3723282
31Return Spring, Brake Lever3740491
32Brake Torque Arm8326561
33Bolt1401331Torque arm to frame.
34Washer3723302Torque arm to frame.
35Nut1413041Torque arm to frame, nyloc 7/16" UNF.
36Wheel Spindle3739651
37Distance Piece Inner3737501
38Speedometer Drive Gearbox6032131
39Distance Piece Outer3737461
40Wheel Spindle Nut1413071
41Wheel Spindle Washer8322661
42Speedometer Drive Ring3737511
43Cover Plate8330822Swinging arm fork end.
44Chain Adjuster3737422
45Chain Adjuster Screw1401072
46Chain Adjuster Nut1403012
47Grease Nipple6018411
48Fibre Washer7125011