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1973 Triumph 750 Twins Swinging Arm & Suspension Units
1973 Triumph 750 Twins Swinging Arm & Suspension Units
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Plate #Part NamePart #Qty FittedDescription
1Swinging Arm8325131
2Grease Nipple6018412
3Grease Nipple Washer60184121/4" BSF.
4Pivot Arm Bush8325214
5Swinging Arm Pivot Sleeve8326912
6Distance Piece RH8326901
7Distance Piece LH8326891
8Dirt Excluder8326924
9Swinging Arm Pivot Stud2120871
10Swinging Arm Pivot Washer8322662
11Swinging Arm Pivot Nut1413071
12Brake Torque Stay8326561
13Nut1403051Torque stay to brake plate. 1/2" UNF.
14Washer6024311Torque stay to brake plate.
15Bolt1401331Torque stay to swinging arm.
16Washer3723301Torque stay to swinging arm.
16Nut1413041Torque stay to swinging arm. 7/16" UNF nyloc.
17Suspension Unit6039572
19Damper Unit6405263-
20Bonded Bush9901224
21Spring Retainer9901074
22Spring9910482110 lbs chrome.
23Damper Bolt, Top14023523/8" UNF x 2".
24Damper Washer, Top60233123/8"
25Damper Nut, Top14130323/8" UNF nyloc.
26Damper Bolt, Lower1402342
27Damper Washer, Lower60233123/8"
27Damper Nut, Lower14130323/8" UNF nyloc.
29Chainguard Fixing Bolt, Front14020611/4" UNF x 1-3/4".
30Chainguard Fixing Washer, Front60234711/4"
32Brake Light Switch348151118SA.