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1973 Triumph 750 Twins Telescopic Front Fork
1973 Triumph 750 Twins Telescopic Front Fork
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Plate #Part NamePart #Qty FittedDescription
1Fork Assembly9743961
2Top Yoke9743971
3Pinch Bolt1402341
4Nut14130313/8" UNF.
5Washer60233113/8" x 3/4" flat.
6Cap Screw1410342
7Steering Lock & Keys8267381
9Grub Screw2105781
10Sealing Washer9722661
11Abutment Ring8320072
12Taper Roller Bearing9740312
13Dust Cover9740282
14Bottom Yoke & Stem9743851
15Pinch Bolt1402371
15Pinch Bolt9744761
16Washer82218443/8" x 3/4" flat.
17Nut14130323/8" UNF.
19End Plug9740762
20Main Spring9740112Standard.
20Main Spring9740112Progressive.
21Outer Member LH9745141
22Outer Member RH9745151
23/24Wheel Spindle Caps974456/71
26Nut14030285/16" UNF.
27Washer60242885/16" spring.
28Oil Seals, Pair9740011
29Drain Plug97389423/16" UNF x 1/4".
32Recoil Spring9740092
33Cap screw1410192
34Cap Screw Seal9740042
35Damper Tube & Valve Assembly9743252
36Top Cap Nut9743952
38Steering Stem Nut9743171
39Stud2121892Caliper to outer member.
40Fork Stanchion Nut9743872Alloy.
40Fork Stanchion Nut9743872Steel.
41Outer Cover Rubber Ring9744612
42Scraper Sleeve9740022
43Outer Cover LH9744801
44Outer Cover RH9744811
45Headlight Bracket LH9741211
46Headlight Bracket RH9742031
47Rubber Mounting9722082
48Rubber Buffer9722094
49Backing Washer9722104
50Attachment Bolt2120954
-Throttle Cable Grommet8267841
51Damper Valve Nut9740121