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1972 Norton Commando Gearbox, Mounting Bolts, Adjuster, Sprocket
1972 Norton Commando 750 Gearbox: Shell, Gear Cluster, Mounting Bolts, Adjuster and Countershaft Sprockets
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Plate #Part NamePart #Qty FittedDescription
1Gearbox Shell0641261
2Gearbox Drain Bolt040138M13/8" BSF, magnetic.
3Gearbox Drain Bolt Washer00020013/8" fibre, fits standard and magnetic plugs.
4Gearbox Quadrant & Cam Spindle Bush0400562Ream after fitting.
5Gearbox Inner Cover Stud0400642
6Gearbox Inner Cover Stud0002715Short.
7Gearbox Cover Dowel0005772Fits inner and outer.
8Sleeve Gear Bearing0400981RLS9 11/4", steel caged, shielded one side.
9Sleeve Gear Bearing Oil Seal0401321Rubber cased, this seals better.
10Layshaft Bearing0401001Ball, original type, unshielded.
11Mainshaft0603841With circlip groove.
12Mainshaft 1st Gear040026114 teeth, splined.
13Mainshaft 2nd Gear040418124 teeth, less bush.
14Mainshaft 2nd Gear Bush0400481It should slide in the gear, and yes, it should be loose.
15Mainshaft 3rd Gear040635121 teeth, splined.
16Sleeve Gear065954123 teeth, sleeve gear complete with bushes.
17Sleeve Gear Bush0400622Long.
18Layshaft0666661Later stronger type.
19Layshaft 1st Gear040115128 teeth, complete with bush.
20Layshaft 1st Gear Bush0400461Press fit, ream after fitting.
21Layshaft 2nd Gear040019124 teeth.
22Layshaft 3rd Gear, 20T040634120 teeth, less bush.
23Layshaft 3rd Gear Bush0400471It should slide in the gear, and yes, it should be loose.
24Layshaft 4th Gear, 18T061058118 teeth, splined, fits with 23T SL gear.
25Quadrant & Cam Spindle O-Ring0401292
26Quadrant & Cam Spindle Bolt0401362Domed head.
27Quadrant & Cam Spindle Washer00017425/16", large OD.
28Gearbox Sprocket, 19T040480119 teeth.
28Gearbox Sprocket, 20T060931AR20 teeth.
28Gearbox Sprocket, 21T060721AR21 teeth.
28Gearbox Sprocket, 22T060759AR22 teeth.
28Gearbox Sprocket, 23T063420AR23 teeth.
28Gearbox Sprocket, 24T063421AR24 teeth.
29Gearbox Sprocket Spacer0401311
30Gearbox Sprocket Nut0400701Left hand thread.
31Gearbox Sprocket Nut Lock Washer0400761For nut 040070.
32Gearbox Sprocket Nut Lock Screw0004501
33Gearbox Top Bolt0626531Long, fits from right.
34Gearbox Top Bolt Spacer0300231On left hand.
35Gearbox Top Bolt Nut0626561Round.
36Gearbox Pivot Stud0605971Bottom mounting AMC gearbox.
37Gearbox Pivot Stud Washer60232421/2" plain.
38Gearbox Pivot Stud Nut14030521/2" UNF plain.
39Gearbox Adjuster062654C1
40Gearbox Adjuster Crosshead0626571Square, for 062654C gearbox adjuster.
41Gearbox Adjuster Crosshead Washer60232213/8" plain.
42Gearbox Adjuster Crosshead Nut14130313/8" UNF Nyloc.
43Gearbox Adjuster Nut14190225/16" UNF.