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1973-74 Norton Commando Handlebars, Master Cylinder, Hose
1973-74 Norton Commando 750 & 850 Handlebars, Disc Brake Master Cylinder & Hose Group
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Plate #Part NamePart #Qty FittedDescription
1Handlebar0610461Higher and wider, chrome, diameter 7/8''.
2Handlebar, Interpol0623061Not available.
3Handlebar, Interstate, Europe0641231Not available.
4Handlebar, Hi-Rider0625991With centre knurles. Not available.
5/6Handlebar Grips0670931
7Disc Brake Master Cylinder0648711
8Master Cylinder Body0619391Front.
9Master Cylinder Bellows0619461
10Master Cylinder Cap0619201Alloy, fits 063667 master cylinder body.
11Master Cylinder Valve Assembly0619441Rubber.
12Master Cylinder Spring0619061Front.
13Master Cylinder Spreader0619721White button.
14Master Cylinder Primary Cup0619421
15Master Cylinder Primary Cup Washer0619431Dished.
16Master Cyclinder Piston0618981Front, 0.625" diameter.
17Master Cylinder Secondary Cup0619451
18Master Cylinder Boot0619411Front, outer one under clip.
19Master Cylinder Circlip0619471Holds external boot.
-Master Cylinder Repair Kit064244ARFront, complete set of seals, with valve.
20Front Brake Lever0632411Disc brake, alloy.
21Brake Lever Pivot Bolt14020311/4" UNF x 1-1/4" long.
22Clutch & Brake Pivot Bolt Nut14120121/4" UNF, selflock.
23Brake Light Switch (Lucas)06193413/8" UNF.
24Brake Light Switch Washer06354413/8" alloy, sealing washer.
25Hydraulic Switch Cover0625241Front, fits all discs.
26Front Brake Hose Assembly, 23"063508123" (584.2 mm), rubber.
26Front Brake Hose Assembly, 25"062707125" (633 mm), rubber.
26Front Brake Hose Assembly, 28"063507128" (711.2 mm), rubber.
26Front Brake Hose Assembly, 31"063541131", rubber.
26Front Brake Hose Assembly, 34"063540134" (863.6 mm), rubber, for Hi-Rider.
27Hydraulic Hose Washer60241923/8" spring washer, heavy duty.
28Hydraulic Hose Nut14040313/8" UNF thin.
29Front Brake Hose Support Bracket0627061Disc brake.
30Front Brake Hose Clip0630312Holds brake pipe to fork stanchion.
31Hydraulic Hose Pipe Assembly0638991Hose to caliper, steel.
32Blanking Plug063668AROn yoke, where mirror not fitted, for 3/8" hole.
33Mirror Head064102ARAngular, fits 3/8" stem. Not sold separately.
34Mirror Stem, Roadster & Interstate064103ARStandard, 3/8" UNF. Not sold separately.
33/34Mirror Head & Stem Assembly0641023ARStainless steel angular head with 3/8" chrome stem.
35Mirror Stem, Hi-Rider064145AR3/8" UNF.
-Bar End Mirror, Chrome0641023CAR
-Bar End Mirror, Black0641023BAR
-Clamp On Mirror0641023UARLong, chrome.