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1975 Norton Commando Mk3 Electric Start
1975 Norton Commando Mk3 Electric Start -
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Plate #Part NamePart #Qty FittedDescription
1Starter Motor O-Ring0647041
2Screw06472921/4" UNC x 3/4".
3Starter Motor Screw06553211/4" UNC x 2-7/8" long.
4Starter Mechanism Idler Spindle0647031For gear below starter.
5Starter Mechanism Idler Gear0647021Below starter. Not available.
6Starter Mechanism Idler Gear0647051Large one below 064702 idler gear.
7Anti Backfire Ball0647436For anti backfire device.
8Anti Backfire Thrust Washer0647411
9Starter Shaft Nut0647451Shouldered.
10Disc Spring0647403Belleville washer, 0.50".
11Ball Carrier0647441Carries 6 x 064743 balls for anti backfire device.
12Anti Backfire Gear0647071Not available.
13Starter Gear Thrust Washer0656521
14Anti Backfire Shaft0647061Complete assembly.
15Anti Backfire Circlip0680722
16Anti Backfire Circlip0647541Outer.
17Starter Gear Thrust Washer0656521
18Sprag Clutch0647331In engine sprocket.
19Starter Drive Gear0647311Includes 064711 needle roller bearing.
20Needle Roller Bearing0647111On electric start crank.
21Thrust Washer0657611Outer washer, behind sprag.
22Inner Race0658201Inner bearing sleeve and spacer bush, inside 074711 bearing.
23Thrust Washer0658281Inner washer, in front of sprag.
24Starter Motor0647911New, more powerful.
25Armature0663101Not available.
26Brush Set0663111For Prestolite starter motor.
27Head Assembly0663121Commutator end. Not available.
28Head Brush & Seal0663131Drive end. Not available.
29Brush Plate & Holder0663141
30Spring Set0663151For starter motor brushes.
31Through Bolt0663161Not available.
32Thrust Washer0663171Shim set, 1 plain and 1 spring.
33Solenoid0655081Works with any starter motor.
34Solenoid Mounting Bracket0659781
35Earth Starter Lead0659091Positive.
36Battery to Solenoid Lead0659101Negative, battery to solenoid.
37Solenoid to Starter Lead0659111Negative, solenoid to starter.
38Solenoid Bracket Bolt14010121/4" UNF x 1/2" long.
39Bolt06067723/16" UNF x 1/2" long.
40Washer06780223/16" serrated washer.
41Nut06067823/16 UNF.