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1975 Norton Commando Mk3 Gearbox Inner Cover
1975 Norton Commando 850 Mk3 Gearbox: Inner Cover
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Plate #Part NamePart #Qty FittedDescription
1Gearbox Inner Cover0652101Complete with fittings.
2Gearchange Inner Bush0651841
3Gearbox Inner Cover Bush0404731
4Gearshaft Oil Seal0651831
5Gearbox Cover Dowel0005772Outer to inner cover dowel.
6Gearbox Inner Cover Breather Tube0651991
7Mainshaft Bearing0400991Kickstart end, right hand side
7Layshaft Superblend Bearing0677101Heavy duty, replaces ball bearing.
8Gearbox Inner Cover Stud Nut00000475/16" CEI plain.
9Washer60233075/16" flat.
10Gearbox Inner Cover to Shell Gasket0400301
11Gearbox Outer Cover to Inner Gasket0400551
12Mainshaft Inner Cover Nut0400231Locks mainshaft bearing.
13Clutch Pushrod0400841
14Clutch Operating Ball0400311
15Selector Fork Spindle04003513/8" BSF, screws in, 040022 fits onto this.
16Selector Fork0400222
17Ratchet Plate Assembly0652121For left hand gear change.
18Gear Lever Ratchet Spring0400381Thin one.
19Gear Lever Ratchet Spindle O-Ring0400791
20Knuckle Pin0651501
21Quadrant0651481Use with 019512 circlip.
22Quadrant Washer06514911/2" flat. Fits under 019512 circlip.
23Quadrant Circlip0195121
24Pawl Carrier Assembly0652161Complete with pin.
25Pawl Pivot Pin0400671For pawl carrier.
26Gearshift Pawl0400241
27Gearshift Pawl Circlip0400491To retain selector pawl.
28Camplate0655041Complete with shaft.
29Camplate Plunger0400341
30Camplate Plunger Spring0404421Inside 040034 plunger.
31Camplate Plunger Spring Bolt0400361
32Kickstart Shaft with Bush0661691Complete with bush.
33Layshaft Bush0401461In kickstart, flanged.
34Kickstart Pawl0620151Hardened type.
35Kickstart Pawl Pin0400331Loose in pawl.
36Kickstart Pawl Plunger0400691Pushes pawl.
37Kickstart Pawl Spring0400441Fits in plunger.
38Spindle Washer0401351Yes, it's flat!