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1975 Norton Commando Mk3 Gearbox Outer Cover, Kickstart
1975 Norton Commando 850 Mk3 Gearbox: Outer Cover, Kickstart
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Plate #Part NamePart #Qty FittedDescription
1Gearbox Outer Cover0652111
2Gearshift Inner Bush0651841
3Kickstart Outer Bush0404721
4Kickstart Shaft Oil Seal0661451
5Outer Cover Screw Set0004821Set of 5, slotted, mild steel.
5Outer Cover Screw Set, Socket, SS000482SS1Set of 5 Allen headed socket screws, stainless steel.
6Gearbox Inspection Cover0655171"Norton" cast in, at 45 degrees to holes.
7Gearbox Inspection Cover Gasket0400571
8Gearbox Inspection Cover Screw0004502
9Oil Level Bolt0401371Domed head.
10Oil level Bolt Washer00020311/4" fibre.
11Kickstart Crank, Complete1210181Complete assembly, including rubber.
12Kickstart Crank0663971It's much cheaper to buy the complete kickstart!
13Kickstart Top Pedal0663981Not available separately - it's cheaper to buy the complete kickstart!
14Kickstart Pedal Ball0664001Not available separately - it's cheaper to buy the complete kickstart!
15Kickstart Pedal Spring0663991Not available separately - it's cheaper to buy the complete kickstart!
16Kickstart Domed Nut06055013/8" UNF, chromed.
16Kickstart Domed Nut, SS060550SS13/8" UNF, polished stainless steel.
17Washer06514913/8" plain.
18Kickstart Spring Washer0404331Dished, under top pedal.
19Kickstart Rubber0332181Open ended.
20Kickstart Pinch Bolt14023313/8" UNF x 1-1/2" long, zinc plated.
20Kickstart Pinch Bolt, Chrome060599C13/8" UNF x 1-1/2" long, chrome plated.
21Kickstart Return Spring0404751
22Gearchange Stop Plate0640491In outer cover.
23Gearchange Stop Plate Bolt0414002Special 5/16" BSF.
24Gearchange Stop Plate Washer01411725/16" serrated on inside diameter.
25Gearchange Lever Return Spring0404791AMC gearbox selector return spring.
26Clutch Operating Lever0607151Inside gearbox.
27Clutch Operating Lever Body0400591040003 lockring fits on this.
28Clutch Operating Lever Body Lockring0400031
29Clutch Operating Roller0400601060715 lever rests on this.
30Clutch Operating Roller Sleeve0400651Inside 040060 roller.
31Clutch Operating Roller Screw0004571
32Clutch Operating Roller Screw Nut01184613/16" Nyloc.