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1964 Triumph 650 Twins Crankcase
1964 Triumph 650 Twins T120, TR6, 6T Crankcase
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Plate #Part NamePart #Qty FittedDescription
704533/4Crankcase11Not available.
2Crankcase Hollow Dowel7037161
3Crankcase Pivot Screw70523221/4" CEI.
4Crankcase Stud70454223/8" BSF/CEI x 4-5/8" long.
5Crankcase Stud Washer60424623/8" flat.
6Crankcase Stud Nut99040723/8" CEI.
7Breather Plate Disc9935251
8Breather Pipe7027241Not available.
9Inlet Camshaft Bush7022601
10Exhaust Camshaft Bush7102871
11Camshaft Bush7102862Flanged.
12Chain Oiler Tube7047441Not available.
13Chain Oiler Jet7038851Not available.
13Blanking Screw970689ARRoundhead 5BA.
14Oilway Blanking Plug70453915/16" BSF x 5/16" long.
15Fibre WasherGS43915/16" fibre. Not available.
16Tachometer Drive Plug7047061Right hand thread.
17Tachometer Drive Plug Washer5712571Fibre.
18Primary Chain Tensioner Abutment7041471
19Intermediate Wheel Spindle7003751
20Oil Pipe Stud70371715/16" BSF/CEI x 1-7/16".
21Cylinder Base Stud70067263/8" CEI.
22Cylinder Base Stud70352323/8 UNC/CEI x 1-11/16
23Cylinder Base Hollow Dowel7087512
24Crankcase Top Bolt70454115/16" BSF x 2-1/2" long, small head.
25Crankcase Bolt70454015/16" BSF x 1-3/4" long.
26Crankcase Bolt70409815/16" BSF x 4-15/16" long.
27Crankcase Stud70485615/16" CEI x 5" long.
28Front Engine Plate Stud70288833-7/8" long.
29Plain Washer604247115/16" flat, light.
30NutS1-5185/16" CEI.
31Crankcase Filter7093361
32Crankcase Filter Washer7053151Copper.
33Breather Extension Pipe7053751Not available.
34Drain Plug5711121With level tube.
35Drain Plug Washer5712571Fibre.
36Level Plug5703611
37Washer70244111/4" copper.702441
38Drain and Adjuster Plug7049221BSF thread.
39Crankcase Plug Washer5717381Fibre.
40Blanking Plug7045791
41Washer57192111/2" x 3/4" fibre.
42Gearbox Filler Plug5721662
43Filler Plug O-Ring7087822