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1973 Triumph 750 Twins Cylinder Block & Head
1973 Triumph 750 Twins Cylinder Block & Head, TR7RV
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Plate #Part NamePart #Qty FittedDescription
1Cylinder Base Washer7063091
2Cylinder Block7136791
3Cylinder Base Nut2121774
4Cylinder Base Nut210692412 point.
5Push Rod Cover Tube7133292
6Push Rod7133304
7Cover Tube Sleeve7117072
8Cover Tube Sealing Ring7047522
9Cover Tube O-ring7073102Bottom.
10Cover Tube O-ring7112832Top.
11Cylinder Head Gasket7136811Solid copper, standard.
11Cylinder Head Gasket 0807136811Solid copper, 080 thick.
12Cylinder Head (TR7)7135581Not available.
12Cylinder Head (T140)7130231Not available.
13Inlet Valve Guide7132942Standard.
13Inlet Valve Guide 0027132942+002
14Exhaust Valve Guide7132952Standard.
14Exhaust Valve Guide 0027132952+002
15Inlet Valve7046032
16Exhaust Valve7029042
13-16Valve Guide Set713294K1Set of 4 valves & 4 valve guides.
17Bottom Cup7132964
18Inner Valve Spring7042214Sold as part of a set.
19Outer Valve Spring7074004Sold as part of a set.
18/19Valve Spring Set9970371Set of 8.
20Top Collar7015434
21Split Cotter9900628
22Cylinder Head Stud21220143/8" x 4/14".
23Cylinder Head Stud21220025/16″ UNF x 3-3/4″.
24Socket Nut21220443/8" UNF.
25Socket Nut21220525/16" UNF.
26Bridge Plate7135531
28Cylinder Head Bolt14024143/8" UNF x 3-1/2".
29Rocker Box Stud14140161/4" UNF/UNC x 1-3/8".
32Rocker Box Bolt21220643/8″ UNF x 1/2″, stepped.
33Rocker Box Bolt21187541/4" UNC x 2".
35Torque Stay Stud21219723/8″ UNF/UNC x 1-3/8″.
36Torque Stay Distance Piece3723312
37Torque Stay Washer60233123/8"
38Torque Stay Nut14130323/8" UNF nyloc.
39Rocker Box Gasket7125992
40Inlet Rocker Box7125691
41Exhaust Rocker Box7125701
42Tappet Inspection Cover7125722
44Rocker Spindle7135492
45Sealing Ring6035482
46Rocker7014572Right exhaust, left inlet.
47Rocker7014582Left exhaust, right inlet.
48Rocker Ball Pin7100704
49Adjusting Pin7015134
50Lock Nut7004704
51Spring Washer7015744
52Thrust Washer70157561/2"
53Thrust Washer70133023/8"
54Set Screw1461038