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Superblend Main Bearing, Norton (FAG)

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Genuine FAG NJ306E-M1 Superblend main bearing, standard clearance.

This bearing is a blended roller (superblend) brass caged bearing with a standard classification.  The brass cage provides for better control of the rollers at high temperature, and the blended rollers allow for a little crankshaft deflection.  When Norton introduced the 750 Combat in early 1972 featuring high compression sports camshaft, 32mm carbs, etc, the resultant power output (claimed 62 HP) caused premature crankshaft bearing failure.  These bearings were the solution!

Use on crankshaft drive side and timing side.

For Norton Commando and Dominator (pre 1972).

OEM:  063114, 064118, 06-3114, 06-4118, NM17822/4

Our part no:  064118